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Multi-disciplinary teams

Pioneering innovative solutions for tangible ecosystems


Our specialized committees are at the forefront of this mission, each contributing unique expertise and insight to advance our goals.

Each committee plays a pivotal role in propelling Blu Clarity towards our mission of turning insurance into a driving force for good.


We foster a more resilient and sustainable world through targeted initiatives and collaborative efforts.


Our Construction Committee is dedicated to developing insurance programs that address the unique risks associated with large-scale building projects. By collaborating with industry experts, we ensure that our offerings meet the evolving needs of this dynamic sector, from compliance and safety to environmental impact assessments.

Smart Cities

The Smart Cities Committee focuses on the intersection of technology and urban development. This group works closely with municipalities and tech companies to craft policies that support sustainable city planning, smart infrastructure, and the growth of connected communities.

Natural Resources

Preservation and responsible exploitation of natural resources are the core mandates of this committee. We offer risk management solutions that align with environmental sustainability, helping companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape while promoting conservation.

Renewable Energy

Our Renewables Committee champions the transition to clean energy. With a keen focus on Geothermal, Solar, and Wind projects—such as the Celtic Sea initiative—we provide tailored risk solutions that support the growth and resilience of renewable energy sources.


This committee addresses the challenges of global supply chains and transportation networks. We work with logistics companies to mitigate risks related to the movement of goods, ensuring efficiency and continuity in the face of disruptions.


The Labor Committee is dedicated to the well-being of the workforce across all industries we serve. We offer insurance solutions that protect workers and support fair labor practices, contributing to a stable and secure employment environment.


At Blu Clarity, we believe in the power of knowledge. The Education Committee partners with academic institutions to develop programs that raise awareness about the importance of risk management and insurance in both personal and professional realms.

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