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Our Business Model

Insurance for the Tangible Economy

We work with ecosystems, rather than individual companies. We work programs for ecosystems, not individual customers.

Our focus is on the tangible economy, instead of the service industries. Billions of dollars are being transacted in pure digital businesses that do not impact or change the real world.


With our focus in the physical world, we not only change the world, but lives. Solving problems directly associated with carbon. While this is not the lowest hanging fruit, it is the most impactful.

The Power of Clarity

Our business model is a testament to our commitment to innovation and systemic trust.

Not just an MGA

We are a nexus for direct reinsurance solutions that connect customers intimately with their insurers. .

Our approach is global

Transcending borders to deliver risk solutions tailored to the unique needs of diverse ecosystems. 

Direct to customer

Whether serving associations, communities, or collaborative groups, our business model thrives on fostering a direct link between risk-takers and those navigating the complexities of a carbon-conscious world. 


Leveraging enabling technologies, we offer clarity and a sense of security, ensuring that every step taken is a stride towards a transparent and resilient future. 

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