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Global Reach

Global Reach

Locations and Partnerships

With a strategic presence in both Houston and London, Blu Clarity bridges the gap between the major markets of the Americas and Europe.


Our offices are not just physical locations; they are hubs of innovation, collaboration, and strategic operations that connect directly with the pulse of global reinsurance.

Our offices and partnerships represent the broad geographical and sectoral coverage of Blu Clarity.


Our global reach empowers us to bring international perspectives to local markets and deliver world-class insurance solutions.

Houston: Natural Resources Capital

In Houston, we tap into the vibrant energy sector, aligning our services with the city's status as a world leader in energy, renewable energy, and advanced manufacturing. Our Houston office serves as a gateway to the Americas, providing tailored risk solutions that resonate with the unique demands of these industries.

London: The Insurance Hub

Our London office stands at the heart of the historic and influential insurance market. We maintain strong links with venerable insurance bodies that define insurance rules globally. This proximity lets us stay abreast of the latest developments and influence the discourse around insurance practices.

Direct Links to Reinsurers

Blu Clarity prides itself on its links to the world's leading reinsurers. By forging strong relationships with these pivotal entities, we ensure that our clients have access to robust and reliable risk transfer solutions that are recognized globally.

Educational and Research Collaborations

Our collaborations with renowned universities and institutes, such as the newly announced Insurance Institute for Construction and Research and the Institute for Well Control Safety, further cement our commitment to industry excellence. These partnerships enable us to incorporate cutting-edge research and academic insights into our offerings.

Engagement with Industry Giants

Blu Clarity's network extends to critical players in global construction, natural resources, smart cities, and sea freight logistics. We work closely with companies leading these sectors to ensure our insurance solutions are comprehensive and forward-looking, addressing tomorrow's challenges and opportunities.

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